Are you tired of feeling exhausted?
Are you ready to feel alive again?
Hannah Ann - Naturopath and Brain Health Coach

Hi, I’m Hannah

I am a Clinical Naturopath, Mindset and Embodiment Coach.

I help anxious, exhausted and burnt out women find their spark again. After being on an extensive healing journey of my own, I am here to share the tools and wisdom that helped me finally end the cycle of exhaustion.

My coaching methods are the combination of everything I have learnt through my own healing journey from overcoming a life-threatening brain infection, chronic fatigue, an eating disorder, crippling anxiety, depression and hormonal imbalances. I use these methods to lead women in healing their four energetic bodies, their body, mind, emotions and spirit, to unlock their most aligned and alive self. 

I wasted so many years showing up as only half of myself. It is my mission to empower other women to understand, trust and love all parts of themselves again too. Every woman deserves to feel like she lights up the room.

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 How to work with Hannah

How to work with Hannah

1:1 Private Coaching



A 4-week private coaching container for women ready to be kick start their health.

Alive & Aligned

A 3-month private coaching program for women ready to rebalance their body, rewire their mind and reignite their soul. 

Group Programs & Online Courses

Here you will find all of my current Group Programs and Online Courses. Come join a community of like minded women, ready to redefine themselves and what it means to be alive, energised and successful. 


Hannah - Group Programs and Online Courses

"Honestly Life Changing"

Hannah is absolutely amazing at what she does and has helped me so much. She is continually educating me on a variety of topics and has opened my eyes to different and natural ways of looking after my health. She is so passionate about what she does and it shows through her attention to detail and the way she cares about her clients.

– Katelin

"Nothing Short of Amazing"

She is always so incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating and has gone above and beyond to help me with a myriad of issues. I have never felt better and honestly could not recommend Hannah more!

– Kait

"Hannah Offers A Welcoming, Safe Space"

Hannah is so lovely and offers a very welcoming, safe space which has allowed me to bring my most vulnerable self.

– Jodie

"I'm In Awe Of How Caring, Non Judgmental & Insightful She Is"

Whether it’s a question around a medical condition I’m experiencing or even just how I’m feeling emotionally Hannah has always been quick to offer guidance on how I can best support myself. I trust Hannah whole heartedly with providing me with the best advice and treatment plans. I couldn’t recommend Hannah enough, she has found her calling and that is helping people.

– Katie

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Hannah Ann - Naturopath Coach

There are so many reasons why a woman can lose her spark.

Are you ready to find yours again?

Hannah Ann - Brain Health Coach