The Story Behind Hannah Ann Naturopathy and Her Coaching Methods

Hannah Ann Williams

Clinical Naturopath, Mindset and Embodiment Coach

Hello Beautiful!

I am so happy you are here. In order to understand exactly how I help women in my coaching programs, I have to tell you a story about my own healing journey first…


My Personal Health Journey…

When I was only 9 years old,

I experienced a life-threatening brain infection called Post-viral Encephalitis. This caused ENORMOUS amounts of inflammation in my brain and central nervous system. So much so that I experienced periods of unconsciousness and was unable to walk, talk or eat for several months.

My survival and recovery could only be explained as ‘a miracle’ at the time. Despite being told I would have significant intellectual and mobility deficits, I slowly learnt how to walk, talk and eat again. I was determined to make my gift of a miracle count and set the highest standards for myself.

I went on to be a competitive swimmer, achieve the highest of distinctions in school and become an Occupational Therapist so that I could help others in their rehab journey. I thought I had overcome my health battles but it wasn’t until years later that I truly understood the impact that this condition had on my physical and mental health.

Throughout my late teens and early 20s…

I experienced chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, an eating disorder and a whole host of hormonal imbalances like hypothalamic amenorrhea, PCOS and Dysmenorrhea.

There were moments when I truly felt life was a struggle and that I had no control over my mind or body. Not only did I not love the person looking back at me in the mirror, but I felt like I didn’t even know her. I remembered being this confident, calm and vibrant young girl. I was determined to find my spark again.

I tried mainstream medical approaches…

nutrition, naturopathy, psychology, astrology, life coaching, kinesiology, transcendental meditation, energy healing, hypnotherapy and craniosacral therapy. Yep, I tried it all! And overtime, I came to know, trust and love the person reflecting back at me.

When I look in the mirror now, I see a radiant woman who found her spark again. It has become my mission, to help women who have also found themselves exhausted in this constant struggle with their bodies and minds, to rediscover their aliveness. “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

My Coaching Methods Explained…

My coaching methods encompass everything that I have learnt through my own personal healing journey and through my professional experience as a Clinical Naturopath, Occupational Therapist, Certified Brain Health Coach, Mindset Coach and Embodiment Coach. Yep, it’s a lot! Because there was no one thing that healed me and unlocked this alive and aligned version of myself. The tools I share with my clients are those that I wish I had in my darkest moments and the ones that I have witnessed help women drop the struggle in their lives and consciously create the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.

I use a holistic approach that delves deep into the four energetic bodies, the phsyical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In order to truly overcome exhaustion, you have to heal on ALL levels of self.


To rebalance the body I use diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, flower essence remedies and functional pathology testing.


To rebalance the mind I use cognitive strategies that help to rewire thoughts, triggers and traumas to reprogram the subconscious mind 


To rebalance the emotional body, I use embodiment practices to process, transmute and integrate our emotions.  

And finally, to rebalance the spirit, I empower you to reconnect to your soul regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs. This deeper connection with your higher self, builds an internal GPS that will guide you long after our work together is done.

An alive and aligned lady, lights up every room.

These methods will align and awaken ALL parts of you, so that you can truly feel alive again.