The Mentorship

An intimate 3 month journey to becoming POWERFUL and RESILIENT by reclaiming your WOMANHOOD.

 The life of the high-achieving woman is like climbing a boundless mountain. To succeed you have to become a

Boundless Woman.

We live in an era of exhausted women.

  • 9Women who give more than they take
  • 9Women who sacrifice their needs for others
  • 9Women who were raised as 'good girls'
  • 9Women disconnected from their divine feminine
  • 9Women who believe it's not safe to have boundaries
  • 9Women detached from their cyclic nature
  • 9Women ashamed of their sensuality and sexuality

Why are women so exhausted…

Right now is a pivotal time in history for women… 

We live in a time where as  women, we are allowed to want the career, the business, the wealth and the success. 

We are allowed to have big boundless dreams.

But here’s the thing…

It is also a time where the path to success has been dominated by masculine energy.

The energy of doing, pushing and forcing.

So it’s this strange time in history,

We are allowed to walk the path now, but the only way we know HOW is through the masculine. 

We are not boundless because we are bound by the masculine path to success. 

And overtime we have started to believe that walking the path laid out to us meant we were a ‘strong, independent and successful woman

But somehow we got it all wrong. 

Because as human beings with a feminine core, we are not dominated by masculine energy and when we play by this rulebook and embody this level of masculine energy, we are disconnected from our innate power.


It is in recognizing that our feminine energy is our superpower, that we reveal our own path to success.

The boundless path of the boundless woman. 

And as we do this, we liberate ourselves from the exhaustion and bounds of doing it the masculine way. 


is the initiation into how to be a powerful woman in this world.

It’s the reclamation of our innate power.

The power that comes from our cyclic nature, our emotional wave and our feminine core. 


It’s time to do it like a woman. 

It’s time to become…


Boundless is for you if you are tired of…


  • 9Waking up exhausted
  • 9Burning out year after year
  • 9'Pushing' through life
  • 9Feeling overwhelmed and stressed
  • 9Feeling numb, flat and empty
  • 9Sacrificing your health for success
  • 9Feeling disconnected from your body and yourself
  • 9Living life by 'shoulds' and other people's standards
  • 9Your needs never being met
  • 9Feeling heavy and unable to process emotions

Boundless is for you if you are ready to…


  • 9Feel alive and turned on by your life again
  • 9Break-free from the identities and beliefs keeping you exhausted
  • 9Fully embrace your divine cyclic feminine nature
  • 9Listen to and trust your body
  • 9Regulate your nervous system and find safety in your body
  • 9Open yourself up to a world of sensation
  • 9Move through emotions and remove stagnant energy
  • 9Magnetise your desires towards you

What's Included

A Sacred 3 Month Journey

3 months of breaking down and breaking through to become the boundless woman you desire to be. You will walk alongside other powerful women and as we shine our own light, we give each other permission to do the same.

Physical Health Assessment & Customised Health Protocol

Together we will uncover and move through any phsyical blocks to becoming boundless. This could include healing nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, neurotransmitter imbalances, digestive isuees and much more. 

The phsyical health work will take place on 2 x 1 hour private coaching calls with Hannah in Week 1 and 6 of the program.

In these calls you will receive:

  • A Comprehensive Physical Health Assessment
  • A Customised Naturopathic Treatment Plan including Diet and lifestyle recommendations and  Nutrition and Herbal Medicine Prescriptions *

*Note supplements are not included in the price here. However, as a Boundless member you will receive a discount towards any practitioner grade supplements. 

Weekly Live Group Calls (60-90minutes)

Our calls are focused on INFORMATION AND INTEGRATION. All calls will be recorded and available to watch in your course portal.

The calls include:

  • 8 x Live Themed Masterclasses (See below for the juicy details)
    • Initiation into Womanhood- Healing your feminine and masculine energies.
    • Releasing Your Bounds- Finding, healing and integrating the identities, beliefs, thoughts and conditioning that is keeping you bound. 
    • Building Your Boundaries
    • Harnessing Your Cyclic Nature- Your Hormonal Power
    • Creating Safety In Your Body- Regulating your nervous system and healing your inner child. 
    • Emotional Intelligence- Learning how to process and heal emotions. Using your emotions to become magnetic.
    • Unlocking Your Senses and Using Pleasure As Your Portal
    • Leading With Your Body and Discovering Your Intuition. 
    • Meet Your Boundless Self. 
  • 4 x Live Group Mentoring Calls


Group Telegram Chat Room

This will be our community center to connect and support each other between calls. I will be in here answering questions, sharing my own practices and offering coaching/mentorship to the women who need it. This is where we create a sisterhood of powerful women. 

Integration Practices

In order to integrate this work into the subconscious mind and the body, you will be provided with weekly integration practices. 

These includes journalling prompts, workbook activities, guided meditations, emotional alchemy practices and feminine embodiement practices. 

This is where the TRANSFORMATION happens. You will be guided from knowing to being. 

The VIP Experience

For a more intimate journey together, there will be a few spots available to have access to a private 1:1 telegram chat with Hannah. 

This is for those who need or desire :

  • Accountability (particularly in implementing their phsyical health treatment plan)
  • Privacy in order to fully surrender and be vulnerable and ask questions
  • More 1:1 time with Hannah outside of the 2x private coaching calls. 

This is NOT a “COURSE”.


It is an invitation for the women who know they are climbing the mountain with no peak in this lifetime. 

It’s for the high-achievers, the type As, the boss babes, the biz owners, the go getters. 

You know that you want MORE out of life. More success, more wealth, more joy, more passion, more pleasure. 

BUT you are no longer willing to sacrifice your health, your happiness and your relationship with yourself to get it. 

It’s time to say NO to exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety and burn out. 

It’s time to BE MORE to HAVE MORE

Are you ready to be Boundless? 

"Honestly Life Changing"

Hannah is absolutely amazing at what she does and has helped me so much. She is continually educating me on a variety of topics and has opened my eyes to different and natural ways of looking after my health. She is so passionate about what she does and it shows through her attention to detail and the way she cares about her clients.

– Katelin

"Nothing Short of Amazing"

She is always so incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating and has gone above and beyond to help me with a myriad of issues. I have never felt better and honestly could not recommend Hannah more!

– Kait

"Hannah Offers A Welcoming, Safe Space"

Hannah is so lovely and offers a very welcoming, safe space which has allowed me to bring my most vulnerable self.

– Jodie

"I'm In Awe Of How Caring, Non Judgmental & Insightful She Is"

Whether it’s a question around a medical condition I’m experiencing or even just how I’m feeling emotionally Hannah has always been quick to offer guidance on how I can best support myself. I trust Hannah whole heartedly with providing me with the best advice and treatment. I couldn’t recommend Hannah enough, she has found her calling and that is helping people.

– Katie

We Go Boundless In...