Courses Made To Empower You To Understand, Trust and Love Your Mind & Body.

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Group programs and self-paced online courses to take you deeper into this work to rebalance, rewire and reignite!


The Body = The Hardware⁣⁣

The body includes all the physical aspects of health. It includes looking at the structure , function and interaction of all of the organs and bodily systems.

We look at brain health in particular and how other organs & systems in the body are impacting it (e.g. hormones, gut, thyroid, respiratory, immune).

Faulty hardware will inevitably cause software malfunctions.⁣

The Mind = The Software⁣⁣

The mind includes both the conscious & subconscious mind.

If you have downloaded a faulty blueprint on life then it’s likely you have automatic negative thoughts, unprocessed trauma & limiting beliefs about yourself and the world.

BUT you can rewire & upgrade your software with the right strategies.⁣


The Soul = The Electricity⁣⁣

The soul is what gives the hardware & software life. Whether or not you are spiritual or religious, it doesn’t matter. You have electricity charging through you, telling your heart to beat, your lungs to breath & your brain to fire.

Understanding your soul, means understanding your purpose, values & the things that give your life meaning.

These are the things that give your body and mind life & that supercharge your health & happiness.⁣

What You’ll Get With Group Programs


A holistic approach to health and happiness that leaves no stone unturned.


With knowledge comes the ability to change. The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. It’s time to really get to know yourself.


Backed by science and clinical experience to ensure you get the results you deserve. All methods used in group programs have been used with Hannah’s private coaching clients and are practices that Hannah embodies herself. 


There is a powerful transformational energy that comes from walking alongside other women on a similar journey. Come be supported by women who know exactly what you’re going through.

There are many reasons why you might have lost your spark and many of those might not even be your fault.

Choosing to not take responsibility for finding it again, leaves you dull, powerless and stuck. Responsibility is simply the ABILITY to RESPOND.

In any situation you have the ability to respond.

Hannah’s Programs are under construction and will be coming to you very soon!

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As you choose to find your spark again, you give other women permission to shine bright too.