Hannah Ann - Naturopath and Brain Health Coach

100 days to balance your hormones, fix your period and feel good every day of the month.

Do you experience…

  • Painful or heavy periods?
  • Irregular periods, missing periods or short cycles?
  • PMS symptoms including anxiety, low mood, acne, bloating, loose stools, fatigue, sore breasts, fluid retention or weight gain
  • PCOS, Endometriosis or another diagnosed hormonal condition
  • Health issues since being on or coming off hormonal birth control?
  • Confusion around how your hormones and menstrual cycle actually works
  • A hormonal rollercoaster with your physical, mental and emotional health each month?

…then The Hormone Revolution  is for YOU

In this program, you will get all of the information and resources you need to…

Understand Your Hormones & Menstrual Cycle

Find The Underlying Issues Causing Your Hormonal & Period Problems

Balance Your Hormones, Fix Your Period & Feel Good EVERY DAY of The Month!

What’s Included

Educational Modules

You will gain access to 7 x pre-recorded modules teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know to understand, balance and fix your hormonal problems.

 A new module will go live every fortnight as we focus on each phase of balancing your hormones.

The modules include multiple video trainings, workbook activities and actionable steps towards balancing your hormones for good.

Short on time or getting overwhelmed with all the information? No need to worry! Each module has a summary and quick action steps to get you started.

What’s even better, is that not only will you will have life-time access to these modules but you will also gain access to any updated or new modules that are recorded in future rounds of THR! 

Live Small Group Coaching Calls

This is where Hannah will help you not only understand the information from each module but how to actually APPLY it for your specific needs and body.

These calls will take place live on zoom every fortnight.  


There will be a maximum of 4-5 women per call to ensure you get your time to ask questions and seek support.


We will also be sharing in 2 bonus calls to open and close the program together.


Access to Functional Pathology Testing

Functional pathology testing can be an incredibly powerful tool in finding your root causes.

If you want to look even deeper and “test not guess”, you will have the opportunity to request functional pathology labs for your gut health, female sex hormones, full thyroid panel and stress hormones.

These are advanced tests that go beyond routine bloodwork and can only be accessed through registered practitioners.


Hannah will help you interpret your results within the educational modules and group coaching calls.

NB: The functional laboratory tests are not included in the price of the program but can be paid directly to the lab if/when you decide to take them.


Private Facebook Group

This is where you can ask questions, share your breakdowns and breakthroughs and feel supported by the small group of women travelling with you on this hormonal revolution journey. 

As women, we haven’t always been taught how to understand and live in harmony with our cycles. Having the support of other women is exactly what we need to create a hormone revolution that ripples outside of this program and impacts how all women view and nourish their hormones and cycle.

Are you ready to balance your hormones, fix your period and feel good every day of the month?

The Modules

Module 1: Get To Know Your Hormones

  • PUnderstand ALL of your hormones and their effects on the body
  • PUnderstand how the menstrual cycle works and the 4 key phases
  • PUnderstand how to start tracking and getting to know your hormones and body on a deeper level

Module 2: Find Your Hormonal Root Cause

  • PWhat can go wrong and how to identify different hormonal symptoms and conditions
  • PIndividual lessons on the underlying root causes for PMS, PMDD, period pain, heavy periods, irregular or missing cycles, short cycles, spotting, PCOS, Endometriosis and more!
  • PTesting 101- Understand exactly how to use pathology testing to reveal your root causes

Module 3: Eat For Your Hormones

  • PNutrition 101- How macronutrients and micronutrients affect hormones
  • PRebuilding your metabolism with pro-metabolic principles
  • PHow to balance your blood sugar for hormonal balance
  • PWhat foods to include and what foods to avoid for hormonal balance
  • PHow to safely consume coffee and alcohol without hormonal repercussions
  • PNutrition hacks to regulate your menstrual cycle
  • PKey nutritional supplements for hormonal and period problems

Module 4: Heal Your Gut

  • PThe link between gut health, digestion and your hormones
  • PWhat goes wrong with digestion
  • PHow to heal your gut, fix your digestion and eliminate digestive symptoms
  • PKey foods and supplements for healing your gut

Module 5: Regulate Your  Nervous System

  • PThe link between stress and hormones
  • PUnderstanding the stress cycle
  • PHow to close the stress cycle and regulate your nervous system
  • PKey practices and supplements for regulating your nervous system.

Module 6: Reduce Your Hormonal Toxic Load

  • PThe role of the liver and elimination pathways in hormonal balance
  • PHow to support your liver to balance hormones
  • PHow to support your lymphatic system for hormonal balance
  • PKey toxins to avoid, reduce or eliminate that cause hormonal issues

Module 7: How To Live In Hormonal Harmony

  • PA deeper understanding of the 4 seasons of your cycle
  • PHow to move your body in each season
  • PHow to eat within each season
  • PHow to harness the physical, mental and emotional superpowers of each season
  • PHow to overcome and reframe the challenges of each season

Bonus Modules

  • Contraception 101- The pros and cons of different forms of contraception
  • Thyroid Function and Your Hormones Masterclass
  • Pain Relief 101- All the tools you need to reduce period pain while you work on your root cause
  • Guided Meditations for Hormonal Balance
  • Additional modules will be recorded based on the needs and interests of the group

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Client Cycle Wins So Far...

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the live group calls?

There will be different live group coaching calls scheduled depending on the availability of the group. 

However, no need to stress if you cannot make the group calls live. You will be given the chance to submit your questions in writing prior to the cvall to ensure you get an answer. The calls will be recorded and uploaded to your course portal.

The coaching calls will also have a maximum of 4-5 women per call to ensure you get your time with me.

What does the program start?

We will have our opening ceremony call on Sunday 14th August.

Our closing ceremony will be Sunday 20th November. But remember you have lifetime access to all of the recorded modules and group call recordings.

Do I have to live locally?

Absolutely not! This is 100% online. I have worked with clients in all states of Australia and International clients from New Zealand, US, Canada and the UK!

Will I get 1:1 support?

This is a small group program with capped numbers. So although you don’t get 1:1 support calls, you will get allocated time in all of the group coaching calls and the facebook group to ask your questions and seek support.

If you want 1:1 support alongside the group program I recommend upgrading to VIP where. you will get monthly 1:1 calls.

Why is the program 100days long?

It takes 100 days for a follicle to mature into an egg ready for ovulation. Your period is only as good as the ovulation that preceded it. Each period is like a report card scoring our health and hormones over the last 100 days.

Want to fix your period?
Commit to 100 days of healthy hormones habits to get your perfect ovulation and therfore your perfect period.

What if I'm still unsure?

Then I would love to chat with you personally so I can answer any questions that you have to ensure this is the right program for you. Feel free to send me your questions via email to hello@hannahann.com.au or via DM on instagram @hannahannnaturopathy.

Are you ready to feel good every day of the month?